Outpatient Treatment (OP)

What to Expect from Our Outpatient rehab Group Therapy Center

Outpatient group therapy center is a step down from the IOP program. The outpatient rehab program also includes individualized therapy sessions and group sessions. In this phase of treatment, the client’s treatment plan will be changed to meet their ongoing recovery needs.

The Details

Outpatient rehab & group therapy 

Our OP groups are an 8 week program consisting of 3 group sessions per week. Each group is 1 hour and will be held in an open forum style, discussing a new topic in accordance to our curriculum. Upon a successful completion of each week, you will be recommended for graduation and will be approved for completion by our clinical supervisor. In order to be eligible for completion, you must attend every group.
Group times:

Is OP For You?

OP is less intensive than IOP and more focused on letting the member take control while still having the support and encouragement of their counselor and group facilitator.

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Insurance and
Self-Payment Options

Insurance accepted - MEDICAID
IOP self-pay rates – $175 per session (group and individual)
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