What to Expect from Our program

If you are required to attend an AEP, the MVA will send you a referral letter. The letter will provide instructions for arranging a preliminary alcohol assessment and attending an alcohol education program.

The results of the alcohol assessment will determine if you are considered an alcohol abuser or alcohol dependent. If you are identified as either an alcohol abuser or alcohol dependent you will be required to successfully complete the longer, 26-week Alcohol Treatment Program, which incorporates the 12-hour AEP curriculum.

The Details

DWI/DUI Classes

Djama Recovery’s AEP consists of a minimum of six weekly 2-hour sessions for a total of 12 hours. We will provide an initial comprehensive assessment to comprise an individualized treatment plan to determine the intensity level for each participant receiving outpatient services. Comprehensive assessments will not be required if one has been completed previously by a licensed or certified clinician and/or licensed program within 45 days prior to admission. Our classes are facilitated by licensed professionals and covers various areas in relation to addiction (alcohol, tobacco and gambling) mental health, environmental factors, legal standpoints and more.

Is the DWI/DUI Program For You?

Determining whether you need DWI/DUI classes is essential in recognizing the potential consequences of your actions and taking appropriate steps toward self-improvement and responsible behavior. Some indicators that suggest you may need to consider enrolling in DUI classes include but are not limited to; legal requirements, substance abuse, repeat offenses, awareness & education, and professional or personal consequences. Remember, attending DUI classes is not solely about meeting legal requirements; it can also be an opportunity for self-reflection, education, and rehabilitation.

Reasons for Referrals

You can be referred to our Alcohol Education Program (AEP) for any of the following reasons:

Insurance and Self-Payment Options

Insurance accepted - MEDICAID

IOP self-pay rates – $175 per session (group and individual)
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