About Us

Our Recovery & Rehabilitation Center

Djama Recovery & Rehabilitation center is committed to each member’s journey to recovery. We custom-tailor individualized treatment plans to cater to each member’s needs and goals. We aim to not only aid in the road to recovery but help maintain long-term sobriety.

Our Mission

At Djama Recovery & Rehabilitation center we believe all members deserve a second chance at life. We focus on self-love and forgiveness, humility, and community-based support. Our mission is to empower our members in their journey of healing and restore peace by eliminating substance use, identifying the source of the addiction, developing healthy stress management techniques, developing coping strategies, creating a strong support system, learning effective ways to communicate emotions, maintaining a healthier lifestyle, and repairing damaged relationships while promoting mental health, preventing substance misuse, and providing treatments and supports to foster recovery.

How we go about groups & recovery

in our rehabilitation center

Groups are held 3 days a week (Monday, Wednesday and Saturday)

Individual sessions are held once a week by appointment

DUI/DWI classes are by appointment 

Restoration Stories

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